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Hope House is a non governmental organisation with the purpose of social upliftment in Mauritius. While the island is a paradise to some, many locals suffer from poverty, poor education and unemployment. Founded in early 2014, we have developed three social projects, whereby we teach, we guide and we bring together people with difficult circumstances to help them create their own futures.


We believe in helping people to help themselves. Only then they can make a sustainable difference in the system, both economically and socially. 'Therefore our programs are aimed to empower the disadvantaged towards lasting change. We can see the changes in the community already and we are constantly looking at new markets for their products. But to take our programs to the next level, we need the support of donors and strong partnerships.


During our travelling and past experience working into disadvantaged communities in Africa, we met many people who wanted to help but did not really know where to start. We believe that with Hope House we can be a bridge between those who want to help and those who need help.

Yvet and Andre
Yvet and the guys

Above, you can see the people who founded Hope House. Andre and Yvette Holl, that's us. But the success of our projects and community involvement, both past and future, relies on the partnerships of volunteers and supporters. Without these incredible people, our vision to see lives uplifted, would be impossible. We trust that you enjoy following our projects. Join us on Facebook to keep up to date with our activities.


Our first program Salt Surfers is geared towards the education and mentoring of children and teenagers from local communities. We teach them the value of self worth, education, team work, responsibility and leadership, using water polo and surfing as a vehicle for these vital life lessons. We help to identify and develop young leaders and invite them to then assist in coaching and aspects of leadership within the program. They grow and mature as they take responsibility and learn how to give something back into their community and local context.

Salt Surfers
Water polo training


The aim of our carpentry program is to equip early school leavers with skills so that they have a better chance in finding a job or starting their own business. We skill them in the principles of carpentry and furniture design. We value sustainability and work with locally sourced timber, previously purposed as pallets, old doors or shutters. The products are sold through different channels such as our “I shop local” Facebook page, markets and orders from restaurants and hotels. The trainees are paid hourly, thereby ensuring them a steady income.


Our third project focuses on underprivileged women. Through a lack of job opportunities and difficult circumstances, such as single parenting, life can be tough in Mauritius. We aim to help these women overcome hopelessness and achieve independence, self worth and the chance to lead their families out of poverty. We help them with small business development and teach them sewing and creative skills. We have an up cycling class where we teach them to make valuable product from old materials. We are committed to make their sewing abilities available as a service to the general public, securing for them orders and income..

about sewing
Sewing group
Sewing van
Hope flowers

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If you are interested in our work and want to help, have a look at our list of goals we have set for the Hope House community projects.