What we want to achieve next

Salt Surfers playing


For our Salt Surfers meetings, as well as our sewing group, we need a Minivan or small bus, to transport our people, who often come from completely different parts of the island to our facilities, or a beach with good conditions for training.


The costs for a suiting vehicle in Mauritius are about: Rs1,000,000


We aim to build a playground for the children of Bay Tombeau, where the ladies of our sewing group live. It is one of the poorest areas in Mauritius, and nevertheless these kids have always big smiles for us.


For a playground we search for commodity contributions, workers to help us build the playground and an approximate amount of: Rs280,000

precious lives we love


We are searching for premises, a small warehouse where we can set up our woodworking machinery and a large room with tables for sewing. Our people need a secure environment with more space to learn. Also, the blades of the woodwork machinery we use are very fragile in terms of hitting on metal, only one overseen screw can break the entire blade, and make the machine unusable.


We need to find a suitable premise near Tamarin with affordable renting costs.